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"You'll never know when your ship comes in if you are too afraid to get on board."

                                        ~Shari Jo Watkins

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Workshops, Webinars & More

The workshops, webinars and live seminars we offer will give you both inspiration and practical assistance to help you move forward and upwards. You'll also meet fantastic people who, like you, have decided not to settle for less than their own best. For an experience you'll never forget, and life lessons that will stay with you forever, choose the venue that's best for you. 


Any of the topics listed on the Speaking Engagement page can be hosted as a workshop for your business or school.


Want more detailed training? Elite Pro Coaching has over 150 courses available to mix and match content specifically to meet the needs of your business and your industry. AND, we'll come to your location.  You can train as many people as you like and save the extra expense associated with sending two or three out of town. 


Too busy to look through the whole Course Catalog?  Let us know you what your 3 biggest challenges are and we can make the best course recommendations.  We know you want the best for your team.  We can help.